Meet the Doctor

Lucas Castillo, DDS

From a very young age, Lucas Castillo knew he wanted to be a dentist. His very first experience at a dental office was at the age of 10 years old. Before that, he never knew about dentists or the importance of healthy teeth. That first dental appointment left a lasting impression on him because his childhood dentist was friendly and seemed to enjoy his job. Dr. Castillo decided he wanted to follow the same professional path, despite obstacles he knew he’d face along the way.

Dr. Castillo is a dentist in Colorado Springs.
Dr. Castillo owns a dentistry practice in Colorado Springs.
When he was a teenager, becoming a dentist seemed like an unattainable goal. Nobody in Dr. Castillo’s family had ever attended college. Consequently, he knew that obtaining an advanced degree would be extremely challenging and an uphill battle. Regardless, he graduated from high school, attended community college, and then earned his bachelor’s degree. Following college, he applied to dental school and was accepted at the University of Tennessee’s College of Dentistry. After receiving his DDS, his professional dream became a reality and he started working as a general dentist.

Before living in Colorado, Dr. Castillo spent his entire life in Memphis, TN. In fact, he had never even flown on an airplane until a friend convinced him to explore Colorado and interview for a dental job in Colorado Springs. Upon stepping foot in Colorado, not surprisingly, he was immediately captivated by Colorado’s laid-back environment, beautiful mountains, and enviable way of life. Even though he knew he’d be far away from his family in Tennessee, he ultimately decided to permanently move to Colorado.

Dr. Castillo is thrilled to introduce Dental Care at Red Rock Canyon to the local community. Although he has years of experience working as a dentist, this is the first practice he’s owned and operated. He looks forward to introducing new patients to his family-friendly style of dentistry, establishing a meaningful relationship with them, and maintaining an office with a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Dr. Castillo absolutely loves his job and genuinely looks forward to helping his patients achieve ideal oral health.

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